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Band and Guard at PCHS!

Welcome to Providence Catholic High School and thank you for your interest in the Band Program here at Providence.  We offer an excellent music education program here that is flexible with all students’ schedules!  Almost every one of my current band students is involved with other sports and activities because our schedule is built in a way that allows students to continue their music education throughout their high school years.  It is so important at this stage of life for our young people to have a positive outlet for creativity.

Enrolling in Band

Be sure to take the “Placement Exam” at PCHS. 


When registering for classes, be sure to select “Cadet Band” for Freshmen and new band students. Band is a curricular class here at PCHS, and students receive credit toward graduation by taking it.  There is even the option to take “Band Honors” for 11th and 12th graders, which puts that class on a 5.0 GPA scale rather than a 4.0 scale.  Also, students who enroll in Band each year receive a full year’s exemption from P.E. class during the school day.

Joining the Guard

Colorguard (fall marching band) and Winterguard (indoor season) are both extra-curricular groups offered at PCHS.  The Guard program is comprised of students who have a passion for music and performing but do not play a musical instrument.  Our guard students rehearse and perform alongside the band at our events throughout the season and are considered the "Visual Ensemble" for our shows.  

Who can Join?

Any current non-instrumental PCHS student (grades 9-12) can join the Guard Program!  Also, 8th graders who are committed to attending PCHS the following year are welcome to join the guard program!

How to sign up!

Please click the link below to email the PCHS Guard Program Director for details (extracurricular section of the Band).


Fall 2024 Color & Winter Guard Email Link!

A Day In the Life of a Band Student

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I join Band and still be in other sports/activities?

A resounding YES!  Almost 100% of students currently enrolled in the band are in other sports and activities here at PCHS.  Currently, we have students in the following clubs/sports:  Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Tennis, Basketball, Art Club, Math Team, Scholastic Bowl, Guitar Club, Drama, Winterguard, Choir, and many more!  The coaches of the teams and the band/guard program work out a schedule so that students can participate in more than one activity. 


My child has friends who don’t play an instrument, can they participate?

Absolutely!  For non-musicians, part of our band program is called the Colorguard, or just “Guard” for short.  While Guard is not a curricular class, students still enjoy rehearsing outside of the school day with the band members and will get a P.E. Credit for their school requirements by participating. These students make up our visual ensemble for the marching band show and perform with us at all home games and competitions, our rehearsal schedules are also the same.  The Guard uses contemporary dance, flag, rifle, sabre, and equipment work to help enhance the band's show.  This is a great option for friends of band students!

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