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Classroom Assignments with Microsoft Teams

Providence Catholic High School has adopted Microsoft "Teams" as it's go-to platform for all classroom assignments, announcements, and information.

Students:  Each student is given access to the Teams pages for each class at PCHS.  Students do not need to 'enroll' in a class on Teams, they will be automatically enrolled when they sign up for a course.  All school assignments and assessments are posted to each classes Teams page.  Students should check Teams at least twice daily for postings and coursework.

Parents:  While "Teams" is currently working on a 'guest' log-in, PCHS suggests that all parents should obtain their students email/password in order to log-in if they would like to stay up to date on their child's coursework.  As always, grades are still posted in "PlusPortals".


Teams Demo Video

New to Teams?  Feel free to watch this demonstration tutorial for the basics!

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